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Results Key

“SRRA”=Spokane River Rowing Associations
“PORPA”=Pend Oreille River Rowing and Paddling Association
“CDA”=Coeur d’Alene
“Rockies”=Rockies Rowing Club Cranbrook BC
“POR-PAL=PORPA”(SeeAbove)+Palouse Rowing Association

JW=Juniors Womens
JM=Juniors Mens
MW=Masters Women
MM=Masters Men
A=Under age 50
B=Over age 50

+ represents Coxed
1X,2X,4X.=Scull and # of rowers
Record?= New Record set

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  • 2015 – Unfortunately the race was called due to weather. This is why the course has been changed, to ensure racing regardless of the weather.
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HOP 2019 Regatta: September 28, 2019

Head of the Pend Oreille Fall Regatta

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019

Location: Pend Oreille River, Priest River, ID

Distance: There will be two separate racing events a 1700m head-race and a 

                      1000 m sprint stake race.

 Registration and Waivers

Registration deadline for rowers is Sept 21, 2019

– To register, download this entry packet.
– All participants must sign this waiver.

Entry: Entries must be received by Saturday, September 21, 2019 to be considered. Current individual waivers are due prior to racing for all participants. (Waiver is included in this packet. We ask that you complete our waiver as it has a photo release.) This race is open to both sweep and sculling rowers.

Entry Fee:  None for the Regatta. The Saturday BBQ is $16.50 for ages 12 and older and $8.00 for under 12.  Tickets need to be purchased in advance by midnight 22 September 2019.   Tickets can be purchased online at under the 2019 Regatta tab and will be held at will call to be picked up the day of the Regatta.

Race Course:  The races will be held on the Priest River in Priest River, Idaho.

1700 M head race

Rowers will put in at “The Mudhole”(Priest River Recreation Area), row upstream on the Priest River to the starting point and finish at the “Mudhole” boat launch just before the railroad bridge.  Launch and take out will be at “The Mudhole”. 

Stake race

Start and finish are at “The Mudhole” secondary boat dock.   The stake race is a 1000meter sprint with two lanes.   Turns are made counterclockwise at the confluence of the Priest River and Pend Oreille River.  Each shell of the team will row 1000 meters.

Directions: Priest River is located 5 miles east of the Washington/Idaho boarder on Highway 2.  Rowers should proceed to “The Mudhole” for staging and launch. “The Mudhole” is located on the eastside of Priest River 1/8 mile after crossing the Priest River.  Spectators can view the regatta from the Priest River Bridge on Hwy 2 and at the “Mudhole”.

Practice rounds:  Practice rounds are encouraged on Friday.  Safety boats/coach’s launch will be on the water.  Please inform the Regatta committee if you will be on the water to arrange for launches.   We also encourage you to join PORPA (Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Association) for a Sunday morning (7am to 12 noon) row on the Pend Oreille River.  Please let us know if you are interested in rowing with us on Sunday. Safety boats will be present.

Entries:  Groups may enter as many teams as they wish to enter.  This is open for Juniors, Varsity, Masters, Mixed, Novice and Lightweight, Adaptive teams as well as sweep boats and sculls.  Please complete an entry forms listing all entries for your group.  We are also adding a unique group to regattas.  This is the recreational single for older heavier boats.

Scratch Fee:  None

Awards:  Medals will be awarded to first place finishers. 

Equipment:  Please make arrangements to bring your own equipment.  Bow numbers are required, and will be provided (there will be a $20 charge for all bow numbers not returned at the end of the Regatta).  Secure overnight storage will be at provided at “The Mudhole” on Friday and Saturday night.  Parking for trailers will be available at “The Mudhole”.  If you need equipment, please let me know as there are few shells to share.

Information:  Entries and waivers can be:

Mailed: Head of the Pend Oreille Regatta

PO Box 842

Priest River, ID  83856

Faxed: 208-448-0344

e-mail: headrace@netw,com

Entries/General Information – Patricia Sudick (509) 990-4821

Fax number: 208-448-0344 (call to confirm transmission)


Housing Information:  See attached information.  Also, please let me know if you are interested in host housing.


September 22th:  Entry Deadline

September 25th:  Schedule will be posted on Head of the Pend Oreille Facebook page and provided to group contact person.

September 27th:  Deadline for scratches.

September 27th:  Deadline for turning in signed Waivers.  Please we ask you get the waivers to us in advance to make rowing check-in so much more efficient.

September. 27th:  Practice row on the Priest River 2:30 to 6pm.  Please let us know if you will be on the water so a safety boat/launch can be arranged for you.

September 28th:  Coach and Coxswain meeting at “The Mudhole” 7am sharp. Coxless entries should plan to attend this briefing.

September 28th:  Regatta

6:00am: Gate to Mudhole opens

6:30am:  Crew check at “The Mudhole” 

7am: Coach, cox , coxless shells  meeting

7:30am  National Anthems

8:30am: 1700m head race start time

11:30am: Stake Race starts

12:30pm: Retiring of Colors

1 pm:  BBQ   (Tickets need to be purchased in advance. Tickets are $16.50 for         individuals 12 and older and $8.00 for under 12 years of age.  The menu will include our signature homemade cookies.  Tickets can be purchased online at 2019.

September 29th:  Join PORPA for a recreational “Experience the Pend Oreille” row starting at “The Mudhole”

General Race Information

Masters’ entries received without an average age for the shell will be listed as age 27.

Signed waivers for all participants must be received by the HOP race committee prior to the race.   Each group will be responsible for providing a list of participants and signed wavier for each participant. 

Viewing the race will be possible from the Priest River Bridge and “The Mudhole”.  There is some parking available at “The Mudhole”.

All races will be grouped flights. Each flight will escorted form “The Mudhole” to the start area on the Priest River by the race marshal boat. Boats mush stay behind the marshal boat while being escorted to the start area.  A warm-up available course is on the open water of the Pend Oreille for the 1700 m head race.  The warm-up for the stake race will be on the Priest River above the “Mudhole”.

All boats must be equipped with bow clips and bow balls.  Bow numbers will be provided.  Boats must check in with the marshal boat at “The Mudhole” 15 minutes before their start time.

All competitors must be competent swimmers.  It is the responsibility of the entering organization to verify this.

Weigh-ins will be on the honor system!  Maximum for lightweight women is 130 pounds; for lightweight men, 155 pounds.  Coxswain minimums:  110 for women’s events and 120 for men’s events.

The coach and coxswain meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 28th at 7am sharp.

The start time for the 1700m head race will be 8:30 am.  The start time for the stake race is 11:30am.   

Free bottled water will be available at “The Mudhole” at the Regatta booth. Coffee and breakfast items will be available at “The Mudhole”.


LIGHTWEIGHT:  A maximum individual weight of 130 for women and 155 for men.  No averaging.  Coaches are expected to monitor the rower’s weights as there will be no weigh-ins.

JUNIORS: High school age

NOVICE:  Collegiate freshman rowers

MASTERS: Masters’ entries received without an average age for the crew will be listed as age 27.

MIXED: A crew with half of the rowers male and half female.

VARSITY:  College crew upper level.

COXSWAIN: A minimum weight of 110 pounds for women’s races and 120 for men’s events.  The coxswain must provide his/her own weight to meet the minimum requirement and this is on the honor system.  No coach may cox any of his/her own crews’ races.  Novice events must have novice coxswains.

12.  The Head of the Pend Oreille Regatta is a celebration of rowing.  The committee   makes every effort to accommodate “hot seats” and “hot boats”.   Please make sure it is noted on your entry form if there are hot seats or hot boats. As has been done in the past, individual rowers have the chance to row in several races since the different categories are spaced out enough during the morning to allow this. It has happened that an individual has participated in up to four different races. Let us know if there is the intention to row as many races as possible for us to be able to plan accordingly.

13. Lodging information is included in this packet. Some Host Housing is available. Please contact Patricia Sudick at, if you wish to use host housing.

14.  Riley Creek Campground in Laclede 8 miles East of Priest River is available and reservations are made on line.