2019 Rowing Schedule:

We will be rowing each week as follows: Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday at 8am. We row out of the Mudhole. Please use the blog space below to sign up for rowing. Please be sure to include the date and time. members wishing to schedule rowing by themselves or with other members at other times can also use the blog space.

Safe Practices

Our first priority is the well being of members and the public.  Accordingly, safety is a high priority.

All participants in PORPA events will have to understand the risks and sign a waiver.

All members must pass a swim test.

For more safety information, we implore you to click here.


In May of every year, PORPA conducts an annual meeting for members, and the public is invited.  Watch this space for details.

The PORPA Board of Directors meets quarterly to conduct Association business.  Members are welcome to attend board meetings and participate as requested by the board.

Member Renewals


Junior annual membership $50
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Rower annual membership $150
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Rower annual membership up to four family members $225
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Additional annual rower memberships $40
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Board Members Area

2 thoughts on “Members

  1. Hi. Bob Rust from Sandpoint. This year a group of us are paddling a 34″ voyageur canoe following David Thompson’s trails. Next year I will join and you can teach me how to row. Meantime, will forward a flyer when u can send me your email address, which I could not find on the site. Thx. Bob


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