Donations help us pursue our mission.

Financial donations are used to buy equipment for our rowing programs, to advocate safety, to develop youth programs and teaching programs, and promote community involvement in our wonderful river resources.

2019 Fundraising Campaign

It is so exciting to see how far PORPA has come in the 5 short years since we began! We have a fleet of 6 boats with oars, a trailer, racks for storage, and coxswain and safety equipment!

Way to go CREW!

Each season there are maintenance and new equipment needs to keep our rowing equipment in good shape and our experience the best it can be. This fundraising campaign challenges us all to invest in the club we love to ensure that we continue to have access to the equipment we rely on and to provide a solid foundation for future members.

To participate you can sponsor one or several items or donate a specific amount (suggested $100 minimum). Just think, if each of our approximately 20 current members pledged $200 each we would be most of the way to our goal of $5000!

**Remember, PORPA is a 501 (c) 3 organization, so the club will provide you a receipt for any donations you make.

Contact Erwin Muller at: for more equipment information.

To make donations please send check payable to:


P.O Box 842

Priest River, ID 83856

Or via PayPal here on our website. See button below.

NEW BOAT ADDED! Open Water Double/Single:

This very stable boat is new to our fleet and will be the perfect learn to scull boat for all rowers. The boat will be rented from Gayne and the club purchased new oars for it. No additional costs are needed.

Trailer Payment/Maintenance: Total donation needed – $200

Our trailer was generously financed by Todd and Patricia Sudick.

Donate toward the repayment of our trailer – $100

Sandpaper/scraper and sealant supplies for trailer. – $100

Boat Rack: Total donation needed – $100

As our fleet grows we need more rack space.

1 rack tower, lumber and steel cable. – $100

YamPaPah (coxed 4): Total donation needed – $1750

This 4-person shell is our premier and fastest sweep boat.

4 “Composite” Handle Sweep Oars (rather than wood): $350 ea.

Bow Ball: $12

Seat repairs: $50

4 Riggers: $55 ea.

GB3 (coxed 8): Total donation needed – $1150

Our best eight person shell, we can teach, learn to row and win races in this boat.

8 “Composite” Handle Sweep Oars: $60 each (used)

General maintenance and pitch meter for setting riggers: $100

Repair to stern from transport accident: $100

Riggers: $55 each (new riggers would greatly enhance the rowing experience in this boat)

Arthur Ericson (coxed 8): Total donation needed – $480

This is our best learn to row eight person shell, it is more stable and easier to set than the GB3.

8 “Composite” Handle Sweep Oars: $60 each (used)

LWT Double: Total donation needed – $1400

Our best learn to scull and racing boat for lighter weight rowers. 2 Pair Sculling Oars (a matched set of oars are vital for this boat

to provide the best sculling experience) – $600 pair

1 rigger: $40

Bow Ball: $12

Seat and steering mechanism repairs: $130

Patricia: Total donation needed –  $150

This single is a very stable and excellent intro to singles sculling.

Repairs: (including foot stretcher/shoes/and shell cracks) – $150

Neher: Total donation needed – $100

This all wood rowing boat is very stable and beautiful to row.

Maintenance of woodwork: $100

Future Equipment Desires: Quad sculling boat – $6000 – $8000

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